A Story Behind the Image

Every image has a story. On this page, I will try to give a short description in order to tell more about certain images in my portfolio. I hope you enjoy reading the background of some of the interesting images I have captured.

If there is a particular image in my portfolio that you will like me to expand on, please let me know. lmsolonynko [at] yahoo.ca




Apathy – 2008 Lisa Solonynko

This image can be quite disturbing to look at. Sadly, I am forced to view this kind of vandalism everyday in Cyprus. Racism is rampant on the island, and this is just one indication of this racism.

This little gem has been here for at least a year and a half (since we arrived). As you can see, the garbage can is owned and maintained by the city of Nicosia (Cyprus’ capital). A newly replaced garbage bag is visible. Although residents of this area, city maintenance workers, and business owners view this everyday, nothing is done about it.

Once you get to know Cyprus, this type of offensiveness is not a surprise. Which is quite sad.



One-Eyed Wonder

One-Eyed Wonder – 2008 Lisa Solonynko

This is one of four cats that frequent our kitchen window in Cyprus. She is a wonder. This particular cat is very strong and has survived much. I don’t know how she lost her eye, but I would hate to see the other guy. We can interact with the other cats who visit, by One-Eye is different. She is far too mean and aggressive. This shot was taken with my window closed…for my own protection.



Dangerous Sunset - 2008 Lisa Solonynko

Dangerous Sunset – 2008 Lisa Solonynko

This image was taken in the United Nations Protected Area. It is razor wire that still stands to guard against people entering a minefield. This particular minefield has been cleared, but there are many on the island that still need to be cleared. After clearing mines, the minefield workers will detonate them. There have been many mornings when I could hear the explosions.



The Elders - 2008 Lisa Solonynko

The Elders – 2008 Lisa Solonynko

Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Foreign Minister Lakhdar Brahimi, recently visited Cyprus to lend support to the talks in Cyprus. After over 3 decades of living with the Cyprus Problem, the north and the south are finally working towards reunifying the island. The hope is that reunification will happen in 2009.



A Soldiers Grief - 2008 Lisa Solonynko

A Soldier’s Grief – 2008 Lisa Solonynko

Our family was honoured to visit Normandy, France, this past summer. We visited the Juno Beach Centre and were moved and inspired.  The centre provides information and guided tours showing the war effort of Canadians during WWII.  We spent hours walking on the beach and touring the museum. It was so moving, that our 14 year old son said that visiting the centre was the highlight of the entire trip to France. This image captures a portion of a large statue at the centre.



Canadian Memorial in Cyprus - 2007 Lisa Solonynko

Canadian Memorial in Cyprus – 2007 Lisa Solonynko

This is the Canadian Memorial that currently stand in the United Nations Protected Area. It commemorates the 28 Canadian Peacekeepers who gave their lives on the island.

One thought on “A Story Behind the Image

  1. I find it very interesting to read the stories behind the Photo’s. Kepp posting the stories where possible. The photo’s create emotions and the stories answers the questions connected to the emotions.

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